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MFSC Membership Programs

Marquette Figure Skating Club offers 2 types of membership programs and 4 types of memberships:

  • Learn to Skate—Membership
  • Full Club Membership (Home-Club Member Status)
  • First Year Membership
  • Collegiate Membership

Learn to Skate USA Program

A small group lesson designed for the beginning skater. The objective is to teach correct technique in the basic fundamentals of skating so the skater may progress to more individualized areas of skating. Participating skaters are registered with LEARN TO SKATE USA as a member and receive an official Membership Card, Record Book, General Sports Accident Insurance, badges earned, MFSC Newsletter (via email), competition participation opportunity, eligibility for ice show, eligibility to purchase one club session per/week, recognition at the annual awards banquet and membership in the MFSC as a Learn to Skate member.

MFSC generally offers four 5 week terms on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 6:00-6:50pm for new skaters through basic 6 level. Jr. Club classes are offered from 6:25-7:20pm for Pre-Freeskate level and above. Term 1 & 2 classes run October to mid December and term 3 & 4 classes run January to March. Skaters ages 4 to adult are eligible to participate. Pre-registration is necessary. For Learn to Skate, each 50 minutes class period consists of 25 minutes of lesson time and 25 minutes of practice time. For Jr. Club classes, 25 minutes of practice ice and 30 minutes of lesson time is offered. A skater may have a choice of 1 or 2 nights of lessons. Class ratio is 3-6 skaters per/class, per/instructor. Proficiency evaluations are conducted on a continual basis throughout each term. Fall and Winter classes are held at Lakeview Arena (Marquette), and a spring or summer session may be available at the Berry Events Center on the campus of Northern Michigan University. Classes are taught by a highly qualified coaching staff which has been recognized by the Professional Skater Association as an Excellence on Ice through Quality Coaching Facility. See the Learn to Skate section of this website for more information.

First Year Membership

A First Year Club Membership is available to Basic Skills skaters who have finished the 8 basic levels in the learn to skate or Junior club program. The first Year Club Membership is an opportunity for individuals to participate in activities equal to Full Club Members. This membership offers a transition time from Basic Skills Jr. Club to Full Club, allowing skaters’ time to evaluate their continued interest. A skater can register as a First Year Club Member for a period of one year only at a reduced price. During this period, skaters can purchase skating sessions during regularly scheduled club ice (See Choosing Your Sessions in the MFSC handbook). During these sessions skaters may take private lessons with the coach of their choice. Not all sessions may be appropriate. Consult with your coach about which session is right for you.

Full Club Membership

The full Club Membership offers it’s members registration in the U.S. Figure Skating Association (the governing body of figure skating in the United Skates), subscription to Skating Magazine (published by U.S. Figure Skating), the opportunity to test and compete (at U.S. Figure Skating Sanctioned events), eligibility for ice show participation and exhibitions, all test award badges-gold medals-certificates-plaques-trophies earned during the season, voting privileges within the MFSC for skaters 12 years of age and older, newsletters published by the MFSC, the opportunity to purchase club ice, and 2 jump harnesses and video taping privileges (at the discretion of the skater coach).

Club ice is provided for purchase Sunday through Thursday, from September till March. Sessions available are General (used for free skate, dance, free dance, or moves), Moves in the Field (used exclusively for moves), and Technique & Power (small group lesson with emphasis on endurance and basic skating techniques). All levels of skaters may sign up for all sessions. Individual coaching lessons may be reserved on the General, and Moves by contacting the coach of your choice. Sessions are purchased at the beginning of the season at full price or at the halfway point in the season for half price. Sessions may not be pro-rated during the season. Full and First Year Club members are eligible to purchase club ice.

Collegiate Membership


To register for ice/membership –

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MFSC Privacy Policy:  It is the policy of the Marquette Figure Skating Club not to share any personal information given to them by it’s members with any 3rd party.