2015/2016 Marquette Senior High School Figure Skating Club Team Policies And Requirements

The goal of the high school figure skating club is to provide a vehicle where by high school students may participate in the sport of figure skating as an extra-curricular “club” activity.

A participating skater must be enrolled in grades 9 through 12, and must attend Marquette Senior High School, Negaunee High School, Ishpeming High School, Westwood High School, Gwinn High School or Home Schooled.

Interested skaters may be male or female

Skaters must meet the academic grade requirements established by MSHS: 1.66 grade point average per/marking period quarter. Skaters must submit copies of report cards after each quarter to the coach.

Skaters must have a physical before participating in tryouts, and the completed signed physical form must be turned in to the coach or athletic office.

Competitive level (A & B Team) skaters must have passed Preliminary Freeskate or Pre-Juvenile Moves to be considered for this level. Skaters of any level are eligible for C level team. All members are expected to participate in team try-outs.

All club team skaters must be current USFS and MFSC members and must be purchasing a minimum of 2 MFSC skating sessions per/week (General, Freeskate, Moves or Dance) for training (in addition to High School Team ice).

All skaters will be financially responsible for providing their own equipment, uniforms, and in club expenses as necessary to participate. Participation fees:

  • Competitive team skater (level A & B) and pre-competitive skater (level C)
    Participation fee includes regular season ice time, coaching during regular season ice time, and coach’s time and expenses for 2 U.P. competitions, USFS High School Club Team membership, and MSHS Club team membership. (Does not include any competition entry fees, or additional ice time and coaching expenses for state championships) Competitive team members will have a competition entry fee. All travel costs will be the responsibility of the skater’s family. Permission to travel waiver’s must be signed by all members and their parents and on file with the coach.
  • Non-skating team skater (does not include any ice time or coaching, but does include USFS High School Club Team membership and MSHS club team membership).
  • Team uniform: 1) Team dress 2) Black wrap sweater 3) Team warm-up outfit 4) Micro fiber over the boot tights

The cost of the physical is your responsibility.

The cost of USFS and MFSC membership and ice time is your responsibility.

Skaters will be required to adhere to the MSHS Athletic code, and the USFS code of ethics and code of conduct (found in your USFS rulebook). MSHS FSC advisory committee and MFSC board will be responsible for enforcement.

MSHS School “Letters” will be awarded to all members that meet the criteria. You will be responsible to get necessary documentation to the team coach.

Contact with the school, HS Club, USFS, MFSC, publicity etc., will be directed by the MSHS FSC coach/advisory committee.

Fundraising requires adult supervision and help, therefore; in addition to skater participation, all parents will be required to participate in fundraising activity throughout the season.

All team practices are mandatory.

Team members are expected to participate in all club activities including all competition’s unless special circumstances prevent skater from participation. This will be at the coaches’ discretion.

For more information contact Coach Jamie Weigold, isk8rjw@charter.net.

Marquette Figure Skating Club