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MFSC History

he Marquette Figure Skating Club (MFSC) is a non-profit organization founded in 1971. It is based at the Lakeview Arena, Marquette, Michigan. The club is administered by a board of directors elected by the membership made up of skating and non-skating members. MFSC is affiliated with U.S. Figure Skating (USFS), which is the national governing body of eligible figure skating in the United States. The USFS sets the standards and rules under which all member clubs operate.

Club Activities

The MFSC offers various activities during the skating season, including:

  • Ice Show: At the end of the winter skating season, the club’s production of “Melody on Ice” entertains thousands of spectators. Club members appear in group numbers and, as their skating progresses, in featured roles. To minimize disruption of regularly scheduled skating, rehearsals are concentrated into just the few weeks prior to the performance.
  • Awards Banquet: At the end of the winter skating season, club members and their friends and families have an opportunity to socialize. Recognition is given to all skaters for their test and competition accomplishments throughout the year (including basic skills members).
  • Summer School: Each summer the MFSC holds a summer skating school. The duration of summer school and sessions offered vary from year to year. This is an opportunity for a concentrated study of skating leading to rapid advancement. Off-ice classes are also offered to enhance the Skater’s development.

Branches of Skating

The MFSC offers practice in each of the following areas of figure skating:

  • Free Skating: Skaters learn jumps and spins, which are linked with connecting steps and movements and skated to music, forming a “program”. As their abilities improve, they will incorporate more complex moves into a longer program. A skater’s program is performed at exhibitions, testing, and competitions. Ice time only is purchased for a free skating session.
  • Moves in the Field: As of October 1, 1994, a new free skate test structure was implemented. There are two components of the test structure; 1) Moves in the field 2) Free Skating program with music. The Moves in the Field portion of the test is a prerequisite to the program with music portion. If the Moves in the Field portion are not successfully completed, the free skate program with music may not be taken. Moves in the Field are a combination of stroking, edge work, variety of turns, footwork and spirals incorporated in set patterns. Every Move in the Field is done in both directions so that the body is trained symmetrically. Therefore, this portion of the test is not just for free skaters but is encouraged for ice dancers also. Dancers may test the Moves in the Field portion of the test without having to test the free skate portion. Competitive pair skaters and dance couple must have passed the corresponding test levels for Moves in the Field in order to be eligible for qualifying competitions. Ice time only is purchased for a moves session.
  • Group Technique and Power: A group lesson where the main emphasis is on proper stroking technique and endurance. To maximize the benefits, it is suggested that a skater participate in at least sessions per week. Ice time and coaching are purchased for a power session.
  • Ice Dance: Compulsory dancing consists of skating set patterns to music with a specific tempo. Actually ballroom dancing on ice, these are adaptations of dances such as waltz, tango and foxtrot. Ice dancing is designed to be skated by a couple, but a partner is not a requirement, and most skaters in the MFSC learn the dances as solos. This branch of skating is ideal for all ages. There is not as much impact to the body as the jumps and spins of free skate; instead, it stresses timing and precision footwork. Ice time only is purchased for a dance session.
  • General Session: All disciplines of skating may be practiced on this session, which include; free skate, ice dance, and moves in the field.